Not Just Baaad But Offal

Couldn´t find a picture without the liver.

Lamb heart, brains and liver.


You know the Spanish educational system is being butchered when you hear the following.

Malassie came home for lunch today fired up about an upcoming Biology class.  This Friday, she and her Third Year secondary school classmates are going to learn how to dissect sheep hearts and lungs. They´ve been put into pairs and given a list of things to pick up or bring from home.

  1. An apron.Lamb line
  2. Kitchen scissors.
  3. Old newspapers.
  4. Latex gloves.
  5. Tweezers.
  6. Aluminium foil.

All fine and good.  Mum won´t have any trouble getting these.

Oh, and I nearly forgot, one half of each student pair, in Malassie´s case a pal we´ll call Ana, has to phone up Casquerías Gonzalo, a butcher shop across town that specialises in offal (casquería), to order a:

“fresh asadura de cordero pascual without the liver, unsliced.”

There´s a helpful explanation of what an asadura de cordero pascual  is on the butchers´ complex website.  It´s the heart, lungs and liver, all in one piece, of a lamb that has not yet fed on grass and whose horns haven´t emerged. It costs about €3, to be defrayed by the other half of each student pair when he or she goes to pick it up.

O sea, it´s going into my fridge.

Understandably, the Biology teacher, too overworked to order the dead lamb and have it delivered to the school herself, has also been unable to issue any information on the fate of the asadura (without liver) once it has been dissected.

But I´m giving Casquerías Gonzalo´s webpage of recipe ingredients a butcher´s, just in case.  It´s in English and you shouldn´t miss it!

Muffled knacks of lamb, mmm!

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  1. Alec Reid says:

    Maureen, a great place to by your pluck to make your own haggis
    I used to shop there myself but the web page is dire I canny work out what ‘bobby’ is.

    • Alec, bemvindo. Actually, it dawned on me you must´ve gone there but I thought it was maybe for a goat´s head or something. So if I ask for an … what was it, I can make haggis with it. The web site is a great laugh – I was thinking the same about the “bobby.” Also garlic teeth don´t sound too appetising either. What struck me as nuts was that for a dissection class Sara has to take along her own dissectee!

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