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Yet more R.C. nonsense

A new book from the Catholic Church hit the Spanish press this week. I haven´t read it, nor do I intend to, but here´s a quote from it translated by some imbecile from the original Italian:

In that very moment, perform an act of trust towards your husband. Get out of the logic of the world, “I want to get the better of him”, and enter the logic of God, who put at your side your husband, that saint who bears you after everything, and who, incidentally, is also a handsome guy. And if something he does is not fine with you, it is God Himself you have to confront, to begin with: get down on your knees, and most time you’ll solve anything. Luigi is the way God chose to love you, and he is your way to heaven. When he says something, then you must listen to him as if God was talking to you. With full discernment, clearly, in wisdom and cleverness, of course, because he is a creature, but with respect, because he often sees more clearly than you do. 

Rather than launch into criticism of this “book,” I´m providing a wee quiz for you on the said tome.

The first person to send me the correct answers will receive a small incendiary device marked “To the Vatican” and a picture of the front cover of Milicianas: Women in Combat in the Spanish Civil War by Lisa Lines. (You can buy the book yourself, at a whopping thirty odd euros for the Kindle edition)!

Book That Has Annoyed Me Quiz

1. What is the title of the book?

  1. Básate en ser tu misma
  2. Cásate y sé sumisa
  3. Mátale y que te dé la risa

2. What is the author´s name?

  1. Esperanza Patriarcano
  2. Costanza Miriano
  3. Matanza “Hot Poker” Porelano.

3. What is the subject matter?

  1. Antifeminismo
  2. Medalomismismo
  3. Hiperorgasmismo

4. What is the name of the Spanish publisher?

  1. Nuevo Inicio
  2. Les Sacaremos de Quicio
  3. Más Feo Que Picio

5. How has the  book been described in the press?

  1. Aberrante
  2. Militante
  3. Farsante

6. Which of these is a quote from the English translation of the book ?

  1. Once locked and loaded, fire away.
  2. I´m the inspiration for Fifty Shades of Gray.
  3. When in doubt, anyway, please obey.

7. Which of these useful links is the most useless?

  1. Il Blog di Costanza Miriano
  2. Vagenda
  3. SpainStruck


So good luck to all of you.

But especially to us.

And let luck have nothing to do with it. Submissiveness









  1. Fabulous, love it! Will share immediately!!

  2. Can I add a fourth option? I really don’t give a flying you-know-what?

    Great post, Mo – made my day

    • I couldn´t be bothered writing this all up seriously. I mean who could take such a book seriously? Except some do … Glad you liked my submission.

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