My Weakest Post Yet

The Problem

1. A year ago, doctors found a Stage 4 glioblastoma brain tumour in my brother´s right temporal lobe.

2.  He had surgery in January 2013, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

3. The next scan was “clear”.

4. It never really went away, so was soon “back.”

5. More chemo. More drugs. Even more chemo.

6. This New Year he stated it would obviously be his last. He´s 52.

The Added Problem

1. THC and other active principles of marihuana, particularly the buds, slow or cure many cancers.

2. Marihuana is illegal in the UK, where my brother lives, and barely legal in Spain for personal use.

3. A legal form, for inhalation, called Sativex is available in the British Health service.

4. My brother´s doctor had never heard of it. When informed, he stated it was only approved for MS.

The Consequence

1. I got a miniscule 8 grams of the marihuana buds.

2. I made some oil in my pressure cooker and sent it to Scotland.

3. It never arrived.

4. Everything but the glioblastoma moves too slow.

5. I can´t be bothered writing more or adding links or uploading illustrations or giving facts and figures or working on my style or trying to boost my SEO.

6. I´m not giving up but routinely feel like this:


  1. Being/feeling helpless is a dreadful situation to be in. I’m so sorry to read of your dilemma. I’ve tweeted this to my followers. I truly hope you find something to help your brother, Mo.

    • Sorry to take so long to reply Marianne. I´ve had the flu. Thanks for your support, dwindling hopes of getting the marihuana oil but we´ll keep trying.

  2. Can’t imagine how desperately helpless you must be feeling. Really hope you and your brother find a way through. xx

  3. Sativex / Nabiximols seems to be available in Spain too. How friendly are you with your local medic? Also, as I’m sure you’re already aware, cannabis has recently been legalised in some parts of the US… I presume you have already looked into all the various ways of getting what you need in Spain, but it sounds as though a flight to Washington would be cheaper and quicker than all the other options available to you at the moment. There’s always a way. Good luck.

    • Sativex is one of the other leads I have. My brother could come here (with an E1-11 form) and hopefully be able to get the Sativex. However, I´m not putting all my eggs in that basket, medical staff are brain-washed by protocols and budgets and Big Pharma. I´d fly anywhere to get the treatment – Holand for example – but would I get past customs? I sent a package to Scotland recently and it never arrived. I hope there is a way. Thanks for the advice.

      • Surely his oncologist would be more sympathetic? An ordinary GP may be blinkered, but cancer specialists are fully aware of the potential benefits (or otherwise) of even the most radically alternative remedies. Also, I’m not very familiar with the forms but I think the document you need is called an S2: it’s for UK nationals who opt to have treatment in an EU country and means that the UK system covers the costs.

        • Will check out the form Marc, the one I mentioned may have been withdrawn. He has asked his surgeon, his oncologists, for Sativex and they tell him that he has received everything they have for what he has – they don´t even enter into what Sativex is or whether it could help. I understand that people with MS, for whom it is supposed to be available, have a hard time getting it, or only for a short time.

  4. What a heartfelt post. I am sorry to hear about your brother.
    I knew about the effect on MS, but never knew about cancer too.
    Elle x

    • Thanks for the support Elle, particularly after I went berserk yesterday. I don´t want to put up personal details since my brother´s illness isn´t going to be a strategy for getting clicks. I think a lot of people are put off by the word marihuana since the plant´s really still illegal, to all intents and purposes, as I´m finding out. I think I might have found a supply of the medical grade oil, not sure yet. The thing about my brother is that he´s my wee brother and I´m his big sister but we´re more like twins deep down than anything else. He´s got few resources and we don´t have a lot either but now, as always, he´s depending on me.

  5. Your post hit home and its sad the benefits of medical marihuana are overlooked by doctors while recreational use is now accepted in many countries. I send you and your brother positive thoughts and wish him strength to fight.

    • Glad to hear something in the post reached you James. Even in palliative terms cannibas is effective. I´ve never smoked marihuana and I strongly dislike the smell and indeed was a bit conservative about it until the middle of last year when I found out about its curative powers. I´ve taken your positive wishes on board and will keep on, as has Thomas for over a year.

      • I have to be honest as i have no idea really how i came to find your post but I feel cancer is something on the rise and anything that can help should be considered. You and your brother are not alone in your fight but I feel more help should be provided and if something as simple as a weed can help then why on earth are its medicinal powers not utilised?

        Sadly marijuana is still considered malicious even though no-one has ever died from its use. I just don’t know why but would like answers.

        I would like to offer my help but resent any issues that may arise from legalities.

        • I’d like to add your post to my twitter account with your permission. I have afewthousand followers from the uk,Spain and USA so let me know if that’s ok and i will do so.

        • I think cancer is on the rise and I agree with you in that anything should be considered. I think that the problem revolves around the power of the pharmaceutical companies that can´t patent this plant and profit from it and so put pressure on governments to keep it illegal. Then patients are given the poisonous chemotherapy provided by these big companies, at a huge cost too. I completely understand your feelings about breaking legal imperatives, I have the same worries. you´re helping already with moral support.

  6. It´s not a crap post Mo, its a post from the heart, and one you managed to write despite the fact you probably want to tell the whole world to feck off. Thinking of you and your brother xxx

    • Thanks Yolanda. I did have a go at Graham and his stupid wee survey this morning. I should have ignored it. The fact is that it seems that everything that can go wrong is going wrong at the moment with the one bright exception of my hubby´s new job. I thought right, if anybody can throw up posts they wrote in 3 minutes, I´ll do the same and see how many shares Graham gives me! I do need to write one on medical marihuana, or how to try everything you can think of to save a loved one´s life. I know fine well that everybody has shit going on but for Graham to suggest I was just whinging (whingeing)? just took the biscuit.

  7. Hard times Mo.Wish your bro all the best in his fight.


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