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Spain postcard

Even in our highly digitalized age, many holiday-makers enjoy sending postcards back home.

Whether it´s to brag, to inform of one´s whereabouts or to genuinely share picturesque places with family and friends, thousands queue up in tourist souvenir shops to buy clutches of pretty pictures – often bearing little resemblance to real surroundings.

Once written in a plethora of platitudes, the postcards require stamps. In Spain, that means a trip for sellos to one of two options:



 Correos (the Post Office)



 Estanco (tobacconist´s)

Neither option is particularly thrilling as there are usually long queues in both.

Enter an enterprising bunch called Easy Post. Since 2011, they have been claiming to take the strain out of the postcard process by selling you stamps right there in the souvenir shop.

Pop them on, plop the postcards in the red postbox and head back to the beach, secure in the knowledge that Easy Post will deliver them to their destinations.


Don´t waste your money on these.

These stamps display no monetary value and vary in price.


Except they won´t.  Or at the very least, might not.

The tourist establishment owner is supposed to pass your postcards on to the Easy Post Representative but some do so infrequently and your cards take months to get to their intended recipients.

Other proprieters fail to pass on the postcards at all and consequently they never arrive. This problem is apparently particularly acute in the Canary Islands where the attitude appears to be who cares about your stupid postcards?  Tourists come for a short period then leave, so there´s little risk of a comeback.

Incredibly, Easy Post is a legally established company, although it has been fined thousands of euros by the Spanish courts for activities bordering on scams.  They don´t even belong to the Universal Postal Union which regulates the conditions in which mail is sent worldwide.

So the next time you want to send a postcard of Granada´s Moorish Palace of the Alhambra, a flamenco dancer in full bata de cola or the panoramic Playa de la Concha in San Sebastián, use the Spanish Post Office and the estancos and help stamp this swindle out.



  1. IT IS A SCAM. EASYPOST is such a DISGRACE. I went to Barcelona in April 2014 and sent few postcards to Finland, Australia and Indonesia. Now, 10 months later, none of my postcards has arrived. I will do my best to trash this company on the NET. I wish they would lose their business that is based on illegal practice. Thank you for this post!

    • Hi, glad you liked it. It is a pity that postcards don´t arrive – okay, it´s not world-shattering but it´s a simple thing that holiday-makers like to do and why shouldn´t they? Also, if they carry out this scam, who´s to say they won´t graduate to something more dangerous next time?

  2. Alejandro says:

    Easy Post is illegal has already been withdrawn your authorization. They can check the National Commission on the Postal Sector. Now there are unscrupulous people who continue deceiving people. Require that is priced and logo official mail.

    • Not too clear Alejandro. It would be good if their license had been withdrawn. Digo que sería maravilloso si ya no tuvieran el permiso de operar su negocio. Y sí, para mandar envíos que tengan el precio y el logotipo oficiales.

  3. Thanks for sharing Mo!

  4. That is naughty! Thanks for sharing.

    • Very naughty Sophie! Personally, I couldn´t care less about postcards, I gave up sending them around the same time I stopped sending Christmas cards. But some people love to send cards back and it´s disappointing if they don´t arrive. Then again, not too many years ago, whatever you sent through the Spanish postal system had a fair chance of never arriving either so …..

  5. I haven’t seen this scam, Mo – but I have posted cards twice in the miniature yellow portable postboxes they sometimes have in tobacconist shops, and they have never arrived. Now I always make sure to post cards in a “proper” postbox.

    • Marianne, I´ve never noticed these yellow postboxes, so thanks for enlightening me. The estancos aren´t my favourite place – the brown and yellow colours remind me of how smokers´ teeth end up looking!

  6. Cheeky buggers… or, depending on your point of view, “how enterprising…” 🙂

    Do me a favour Mo and log in to skype sometime. I’d like a chat if you have a few minutes free.

  7. Ramón says:

    Good one, Mo. “Prices may vary?” I’ve never seen such an obvious scam! Please disseminate widely and sue the retailers if you’ve been had.

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