Ojos verdes

Rocío JuradoMy favourite Spanish copla is Ojos verdes, Green Eyes, composed in the nineteen thirties.

It´s the kind of song that makes you glad you learned Spanish. I don´t remember when or where I first heard it, but I fell in love with it.


And then many years ago in a small white village called Montejaque, near Ronda, a local woman called María sang it for me, a capella, in a bar after closing time. It´s a precious memory for me and although I can´t share it with you, below you will find two versions I especially like.

In honour of Spanish painter, Goya, I´ve separated them into la maja vestida, or clothed lady, embodied by Rocío Jurado and la maja desnuda, or naked one, embodied by Concha Buika. Both make my hair stand on end.

The song is simple. It´s about a prostitute who falls in love with a punter who rides off, forever.

Could anything be more poignant?

La maja vestida

La maja desnuda

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